January 3, 2019

Presidential candidate promises to tackle insecurity with national guard, state police

The presidential candidate of the People’s Trust, Mr Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, has promised to tackle the insecurity being witnessed in some parts of the country with the establishment of national guard and state police.

Olawepo-Hashim said this in an interview with journalists on Sunday in Abuja.
While berating the present administration for failing in its responsibilty to ensure a safe country for all, the candidate promised to overhaul the nation’s security architecture if elected.

He said government should stop the approach that security was all about huge budgetary allocation.

He said security was about putting in place the right structure and strategy.

He said, “As it is, the nation’s armed forces are over-stressed and distracted by deployments for internal security operations.

“I think it is time for Nigeria to have a national guard. I am going to put up a national guard as a President of Nigeria.My reasons and justifications are self-evident.

“Our internal security questions have graduated to the level of insurrection. We are now having well trained militias perhaps having more training than the police but probably, you may not need full scale military action to handle them.

“That is what a national guard job is; an intermediate force between the regular armed forces and the police.

“Nigeria needs a well-trained intermediate force that is going to act between the Army and the police, which is the national guard.


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